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Welcome to the Official Website of Sawmill Lakes!  Many of the pages are restricted for the use of owners and residents only.   If you own or live in Sawmill Lakes and are not yet a registered user, please click on the "register" link to the left, and set up your account to gain full access and enjoy all the features.  
Please send us your feedback regarding the website.  What would you like to see on your website?   Click here to contact the website administrator.  And be sure to check back often for updates and helpful information.
The content of this website in under the direction of the current Board of Directors with the support of community volunteer administrators.   
~ Important Notices ~
Check out the pictures from our annual 4th of July Bike Parade on the Photo Album.  This SML tradition is ALWAYS a big hit! Special thanks go out to our local Palm Valley Fire Station for leading the way!
A small few are doing all the work for 371 homes and families.  Would you like to help?  Lots of ways available.  Contact The SML Board HERE.
Everyone should have received their new larger recycling container by now. 
If this 95 gallon container is too large for you, you can request a 35 gallon container to replace it.
Call Republic Services at 904-825-0991 AFTER AUGUST 21 and before Oct 6.
Click HERE for Republic Services (our service provider) additional program details.
Click HERE for the St. John's County website page detailing residential garbage, yard waste & recyling.  
NOTE:  Pizza boxes are NOT recyclable, even though they are cardboard.  This is due to the grease typcially deposited on the cardboard which affects the recycling process.  
Please make sure the area around the post is cleared:  remove decorative rocks, pavers, plants, bushes, roots, etc., as needed to allow access.  Some items around can remain if they do not restrict access to the old box and existing hole.  Anything left in the area can not be guaranteed against damage.
Mark any irrigation lines or heads near the post.  
The concrete needs time to set!  Blue painters tape will be placed across the door of the box to remind you NOT to touch or open the box until the following day.  After that, normal opening and closing of the door should be fine, according to the installer.  Wait a full 48 hours before doing any significant activities around the post like new landscaping, etc.  
Please inspect your post, box and installation, and contact Sundancer with any issues or concerns immediately.  
New Mailboxes - order form
If you need a copy of the order form, a new one is available on the page "HOA Documents & Forms"
or by clicking here.


Please take a minute to review/update/register your email information on our community website, if you have not already done this.  It’s the most efficient way to ensure you receive all community news, updates, straw poll surveys, and helpful communication. Our owner/resident website directory is NOT available for view by the public at all, and is only available to fellow SML residents if you say "yes" in your profile.  You have total control over what information is shown in our resident directory on the website. 
The information is used by the Board to send helpful communications about our community.  Rest assured, email information is NOT SHARED outside our HOA for any purpose, ever.
Note that all official HOA notices are still sent via US Mail, using the address on file with Marsh Landing Management.  


~ Reminders from the HOA ~
CONSERVATION and DRAINAGE EASEMENTS:  Be careful not to touch
If you are new to the neighborhood or are just not aware, please note that the preserve areas around our neighborhood are almost all protected under conservation or drainage easements, granted to SML through permits with the State of Florida and the Army Corps of Engineers.  Activity in these areas is SEVERELY RESTRICTED and enforcable BY LAW, as well as by the HOA through the Covenants & Restrictions.    The bottom line is....Don't touch.  At all.  
No cutting, clearing, planting, dumping, building, mulching, etc.  The areas are to remain COMPLETELY natural.  
Preserve branches that grow over into your usable property can be cut back by you to the property line, but no further.  If a tree in the preserve area has died and appears to pose a threat to your property, you are required to contact the HOA (Marsh Landing Management) to request a review and take-down.  You may not take action on your own.  
When in doubt about an area that borders your property, consult your appraisal/plot survey.  The easement areas are noted.  Thank you for taking time to understand our obligations with regards to these important and protected areas.  

SML HOA dues are due every January 1 and July 1.   Don't want to worry about being late?  Set up an automatic bank draft with Marsh Landing Management.  Are you behind in your payments and racking up late fees, interest and collection fees?  Wondering what to do before legal action occurs?  Contact Marsh Landing Management to discuss a plan to get your account current.

If you haven't read through the Sawmill Lakes official documents in a while (or maybe never?), now would be a great time to take a few minutes to make sure you are familiar with the requirements outlined in them.  These documents were created for the benefit of everyone living here, to ensure that the quality of our lovely neighborhood remains at the level we all expect and enjoy.  They include the Covenants & Restrictions, Rules & Regulations, and Architectural Guidelines.
Click here  to see these documents which can be downloaded and printed as needed.  

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